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K-8 Math Videos
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130 Math Lessons Coming This Fall. Topics Below.

Grades K-2

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Verbal Counting to 100 Read & Write Numbers up to 20 Intro to Counting Objects Comparing Quantities up to 10
Intro to Addition Intro to Subtraction Intro to 2D Shapes Intro to 3D Shapes
Intro to Measurements: Weight & Length Sort Objects by Attributes Composing & Decomposing Numbers (1-10) Composing & Decomposing Numbers (11-19)
Add and Subtract within 20 Strategies to Add & Subtract: Make 10 & Doubles Facts Mental Math within 100 Intro to Equality (Find a Missing Number)
Place Value: Ones & Tens Read & Write Numbers to 100 Comparing 2-Digit Numbers Length Measurement: Comparing & Adding
Organize & Compare Data (Up to 3 Categories) Tell Time (Nearest Half Hours) Create New Shapes From Existing Ones Identify & Draw Shapes By Attributes
Partition Shapes Into Equal Shares Add and Subtract within 100 Intro to Counting in Groups (Arrays) Even & Odd Numbers
Place Value: Ones, Tens & Hundreds Read, Write & Count Numbers to 1,000 Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Add & Subtract More Than 2 Numbers
Estimation within 100 Money: Combinations of Bills & Coins Intro to Pictographs, Bar Graphs & Line Plots

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Grades 3-5

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Intro to Multiplication Intro to Division Add & Subtract within 1,000 Measure Elapsed Time
Equivalent Fractions Estimation (1,000 & Beyond) Introduction to Decimals Fractions on the Number Line
Identify Arithmetic Patterns (Using Operations) Tell Time (Nearest Minute) Solve 2-Step Problems With All 4 Operations Measure Mass & Volume (Metric System)
Solve Problems With Picture Graphs & Bar Graphs Intro to Finding Area Introduction to Perimeter Classify Quadrilaterals Based on Attributes
Multiplication Comparisons Find Factor Pairs Within 100 Generate A Pattern of Shapes or Numbers Understand Numbers in Expanded & Word Forms
Add & Subtract Using The Standard Algorithm Multiplying within 1,000 Division with Remainders (1-Digit Divisor) Compare Non-Equivalent Fractions
Multiplying Fractions By Whole Numbers Add & Subtract Fractions (Like Denominators) Commutative, Associative & Distributive Properties Convert Units of Measurement
Solve Problems with Line Plots Intro to Angles Points, Lines & Rays Lines of Symmetry
Intro to the Order of Operations Prime Factorization within 50 Powers of 10 Decimals to the Thousandths
Multiplication using the Standard Algorithm Division with Remainders (2-Digit Divisor) Solve Problems With Decimals (All 4 Operations) Add & Subtract Fractions (Unlike Denominators)
Multiplying Fractions by Fractions Interpreting Fractions as Division Division with Unit Fractions & Whole Numbers Calculate Volume (l x w x h)
Understanding the Basic Coordinate Plate Classify 2D Figures in a Hierarchy

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Grades 6-8

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Intro to Ratios Intro to Percent Whole Number Exponents Area of Polygons
Solving Problems With Ratios Intro to Negative Numbers Algebraic Expressions Relationship Between Two Variables
Fraction Division Use All Four Quadrants of the Coordinate Plane Standard Algorithm with Decimals (All 4 Operations) Solve Equations and Inequalities
Greatest Common Factor & Least Common Multiple Volume of Prisms with Fractional Side Lengths Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids Using Nets Measures of Center (Line Plots, Histograms)
Measures of Spread (Box Plots and MAD) Unit Rates & Proportional Relationships Proportional Relationships Percent Change (Price increase, decrease, etc.)
Operations with Negative Numbers: Add & Subtract Operations with Negative Numbers: Multiply & Divide Solve Multi-Step Problems With Rational Numbers Simplify & Rewrite Linear Expressions
Solve Equations and Inequalities Scale Drawings Draw Triangles Given Conditions Area of Triangles & Quadrilaterals Using Formulas
Surface Area & Volume of Prisms and Pyramids Statistics: Random Samples & Comparing Data Sets Probability: Single Events Probability: Compound Events
Rational vs. Irrational Numbers Integer Exponents Square Roots & Cube Roots Scientific Notation
Graph Proportional Relationships and Slope (y = mx + b) Intro to Linear Equations Solve Linear Equations Solve Systems of Equations
Graph Linear Equations Transformations: Reflections & Translations Transformations: Rotations & Dilations Angle Sum for Triangles and Transversals
Pythagorean Theorem Volume of Cylinders, Cones & Spheres Scatter Plots Univariate vs. Bivariate Categorical Data

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K-8 Math is
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