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Symbiosis (Interactions Between Organisms)

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Symbiosis (Interactions Between Organisms)
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What you will learn from this videoWhat you will learn

  • Symbiosis is the interaction between organisms in an ecosystem.
  • These interactions can be helpful, harmful or have no effect.
  • This video explores different types of symbiosis like predation, mutualism and parasitism.

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Exit Ticket

Level 1

Examine the picture and read the accompanying text. Identify the organisms participating in a symbiotic relationship and whether the organism benefits, is harmed, or is unaffected. Name the type of symbiotic relationship experienced between the organisms.

Level 2

Explain the importance of the relationship between the hummingbird and the flower to the cloud forest ecosystem.

Level 3

Explain the importance of the relationship between the flower and the mite to the cloud forest ecosystem.