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Solve Systems of Equations

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Solve Systems of Equations
What you will learn from this videoWhat you will learn
  • We will learn that when you have TWO equations that share the same variables we call that a system of equations.
  • We will learn to solve them by graphing OR by using algebra.
  • And we'll see how this knowledge can help us have a bbq, work at a roller-rink, and even take care of animals!
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  • Practice Word Problems

  • Practice Number Problems

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Exit Ticket
Level 1

Set up the system of equations for this problem. Molly bought 3 student tickets and 7 adult tickets for $91. Allan bought 2 student tickets and 4 adult tickets for $54. What is the price of a student ticket and an adult ticket?

Level 2

Graph the system of equations y = –2x + 6 and y = 3x + 6. Identify the point that is the solution to the system of equations.

Level 3

Set up and solve the system of equations using substitution. Students going on a field trip travel in vans and busses. A trip with 26 participants uses one van and one bus, filling all the seats. A trip with 32 participants uses 2 vans and one bus, filling all the seats. How many seats are in a van and a bus?

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