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Irrational Numbers

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What you will learn from this videoWhat you will learn
  • We'll learn that irrational numbers are endless and do NOT repeat.
  • We will also learn how to use approximations of irrational numbers to solve real world problems.
  • And we'll see how this knowledge can help us decorate a cake, make a bunny enclosure, and share a feast!
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  • Practice Word Problems

  • Practice Number Problems

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Exit Ticket
Level 1

Is the number [ggfrac]5/7[/ggfrac] a rational number?

Level 2

Why are some square roots rational and others irrational?

Level 3

What is the length of the hypotenuse in a right triangle with legs that measure 7 feet and 8 feet? Is the length of the hypotenuse rational or irrational? If it is irrational, provide a rational approximation with a reasonable precision.

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