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Intro to Algebraic Expressions

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Intro to Algebraic Expressions
What you will learn from this videoWhat you will learn
  • An algebraic expression is a number sentence with an unknown number.
  • How to simplify algebraic expressions by combining like terms.
  • And we'll see how this knowledge can help us count savings, order pizza, and even study earthquakes!
  • Discussion Questions

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading Material

  • Practice Word Problems

  • Practice Number Problems

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Exit Ticket
Level 1

Circle the numerical expressions, and box the algebraic expressions. Leave any equations unmarked.  &nbsp 3x &nbsp 15  &nbsp y+7=24  &nbsp [ggfrac]1/6[/ggfrac]  &nbsp[ggfrac]n/2[/ggfrac]

Level 2

Identify each term, coefficient, variable, and constant in the expression below. 5x+4-3x+y-6 Terms: ______________ Coefficients: _________ Variables: ____________ Constants: ___________

Level 3

Simplify the expression 8n+7-3n+2. Then evaluate the simplified expression for n=4.

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