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1 Teacher or Parent  ·  1 Device at a time  ·  No Student Links
billed month-to-month
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billed once every 3 months at $45billed once every 3 months at C$45billed once every 3 months at £33billed once every 3 months at A$45
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billed once a year at $120billed once a year at C$120billed once a year at £72billed once a year at A$120
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All Teachers  ·  All Students  ·  All Devices
billed month-to-month
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billed once every 3 months at $297billed once every 3 months at C$297billed once every 3 months at £249billed once every 3 months at A$297
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billed once a year at $795billed once a year at C$795billed once a year at £495billed once a year at A$795
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All Plans Include

  • K-5K-5KS 1&2F-6 Standards Based Videos

  • 5E Lesson Plans

  • Reading Material

  • DIY Activities

  • Paper Quizzes

  • Discussion

  • Teacher Guides

  • Kahoot Online Quiz

  • Vocabulary

  • Closed Captioning
    in English & Spanish

  • Exit Tickets

  • Answer Keys

District Subscriptions

Get 10-40% off with multiple schools. Discounts start at just 3 schools.

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School Districts: Get 10-30% Off &
A Free LIVE Show With Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeff will kickoff your district subscription with 1 free live show per 10 schools subscribed. Use it for school assemblies, family nights, district events or fundraisers. Don’t have 10 schools? You can qualify with a multi-year subscription. Inquire now!

Teacher Reimbursement Program

Thousands of teachers have purchased Generation Genius out of their own pocket. We are humbled and honored, but it shouldn’t be this way. We will reimburse any teacher 100% of their individual purchase if their school or district subscribes in the future. Simply contact us and we will mail you a check for full reimbursement after your school or district joins. This way teachers get money back in their pockets, schools get access for all students, and Generation Genius gets to use the funds to make more lessons. Hopefully a win for everyone.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days and we will promptly
send you a refund, no hassle!

Homeschool Group Buys

When homeschool groups of 20 or more purchase together, we offer $40C$40£30A$40 off annual subscriptions. Contact us if you have a group of 20 or more.

Trusted by Teachers. Loved by Kids.

Rhonda Fox

5th Grade Teacher
St. Helens, Oregon

"My students loved the videos. I started the subscription in May and used them as a review before the state test, which I know contributed to 100% of my class passing the state test."

via facebook

Nancy Odom

3rd Grade Teacher
Oxford, North Carolina

"‎This by far, was one of the best resources I have come across. My students, 3rd grade, absolutely loved the videos and lessons. Everyday they would ask if we were going to generation genius!"

via facebook

Katie McGrath

4th Grade Teacher
Ocala, Florida

"My students LOVE it! I use it to introduce the concept of the week in Science. I also replay it as review before we take a test. Students are engaged and excited. I love the lesson plans!"

via facebook

Craig O'Dell

4th Grade Teacher
Gilbert, AZ

"My students beg to watch the videos! We have replicated several of the experiments. I highly recommend Generation Genius. It's truly the best program I've found, and I've looked everywhere."

via facebook

Julie Erwin

5th Grade Teacher
Hover, Alabama

"My students and I have LOVED Generation Genius! With Generation Genius, I can “take” my students places they may never travel and experience things they may never see first hand."

via facebook

Gina Dahlstrand

5th Grade Teacher
Lawrence, Kansas

"Watched our first video this week and students were definitely engaged. The teacher resources that accompany the videos are very detailed and a huge help. I am excited to incorporate this."

via facebook

Mike Terranova

5th Grade Teacher
San Diego, California

"I have been implementing this truly effective and AWESOME instructional aid as a supplemental resource... The kids LOVE the videos, and they are closely aligned with the new standards"

via facebook

Bendalyn Holdberger

Homeschool Parent
Thousand Oaks, California

"The videos are magical in the way they help kids to really understand concepts in a very practical way. I had to change the password because my kids were sneaking out of bed to watch."

via email

Judy Carton

4th Grade Teacher
Buckeye, Arizona

"The lessons are thorough, engaging, and fun! I teach 4th grade and often have a hard time finding videos that match my curriculum. I have been able to find a video for each standard."

via facebook

Julie Purdy

5th Grade Teacher
Huntington, IN

"It is a fresh, educational and highly-engaging program! My 5th graders love watching it every week and I like the worksheets that go with each episode so I can get a check on the children’s knowledge."

via facebook

John Otterstendt

3rd Grade Teacher
Ridgewood, NJ

"We watched another yesterday after the state testing was over. I told the kids that they could chill out and do what they want for a half hour, and they chose to watch a video."

via facebook

Julie Scott

Science Lab Instructor
Macon, Georgia

"Generation Genius is an excellent resource for teaching science. I teach in the Elementary Lab, and am able to work in so many of the topics to what I am teaching - they go right along with the standards!"

via facebook


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