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Push Definition

A push moves objects away using force. For example, pushing a basketball toward the hoop.

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Pushes and Pulls

Fun Facts

  • Pushing a shopping cart moves it away from you.
  • When a child throws a bowling ball, they are using their hand to push the ball away from them.
  • Pushing with more force can change how far an object moves.

Why Do We Need To Know About Push

Learning about push helps us see how forces work in our everyday lives. When we shop or play sports, understanding push helps us move things and achieve what we want.

In jobs like coaching sports, working in gardens, or engineering, knowing how much force to use can make a big difference in how well things go. This knowledge is not just good for physical activities but is also key for designing machines and organizing things. Push is used in many kinds of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the punching bag used by Dr. Jeff an example of a push or a pull?
The punching bag is both a push and a pull. Dr. Jeff first pulled it towards him and then he pushed it to make it swing before it knocked him down.
What is an example of using forces at a grocery store?
You use force to pull things off the shelves. You can also use force to push the shopping cart towards the shelves or pull it back towards you.
How did Olivia use force with a basketball?
Olivia used her hands to push the basketball towards the hoop.
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