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Trait Definition

A trait is a feature passed from parents to offspring. For example, eye color varies among individuals, influenced by both parents.

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Introduction to Traits

Fun Facts

  • Rabbits can have different fur colors and patterns, like black, white, or tan.
  • Chameleons share common traits like tails and scaly skin.
  • Monkeys may vary in fur color, size of teeth, and shape of noses and chins.

Why Do We Need To Know About Trait

Learning about traits helps us understand why some traits are important for staying alive. This information is useful in many jobs, like in wildlife conservation. Knowing about animal traits helps protect them and their homes.

Studying traits is important in farming and medical research. In farming, it helps make better crops. In medicine, it helps treat diseases that are passed down in families. This information is useful for experts trying to solve problems in biology and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some traits you can think of?
Things like eye color, hair color and height are examples of traits we can easily see.
Why do bunnies from the same parents look different from each other?
The bunnies may have some traits from the mom and some from the dad. Most of the bunnies have traits from both parents.
What traits do all chameleons share?
Chameleons all have scales on their skin. They also have tails, two eyes, a sticky tongue and they walk on all fours.
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