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Generation Genius is an educational and entertaining streaming video service made in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association. It brings science topics from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to life through fun, funny, entertaining and educational videos. Each video is approximately 12-minutes long and comes with a lesson plan, teacher guide, vocabulary, DIY activity guide and stopping points for class discussion. Our first video series covers science in grades 3-5 and we will be expanding to K-8 science and math in the coming years. Generation Genius is a public benefit corporation.

Meet The Cast

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Dr. Jeff Vinokur, 27, holds a PhD in "Biochemistry, Molecular and Structural Biology" from UCLA, has over 25 million YouTube views as a hip hop dancer and has performed wild science experiments on NBC's Today Show, ABC's The View, Rachel Ray, Fox News Channel, Discovery Channel and more. His stage show has toured 7 times with stops at the World Science Festival, Smithsonian Institution and over 300 schools nationwide. Dr. Jeff has also invented hit science toys found in Toys-R-Us and has been a science consultant for Netflix and Fox. His science credits include a full scholarship at UCLA, prestigious fellowships from the National Science Foundation and an impressive track record of research publications on biofuels and proteins.

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Zoe is a super intelligent, inspirational figure who is strong-willed, curious to learn, and wants to blaze her own trail. She also loves to get hands-on with science, which is why she hosts the DIY (Do It Yourself) segment in every episode. Zoe grew up near Los Angeles and also enjoys dance, music, and traveling. All of Zoe's parents and grandparents work in education as teachers, principals, deans, and a superintendent, so college is definitely in her future!

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Izzy is energetic, smart, funny and knows his science, mostly from spending so much time around the lab. Izzy will often relate science to the real world: sports, food, and music. When in grade school, Izzy always wanted to know how the science he learned was used in "real life." That's why he leads the "Real World Science" segment in every episode! His favorite subject is chemistry and his favorite demonstration so far has been melting metal for a lesson about volcanoes!

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The team's grumpy robot sidekick. BERT was built by Dr. Jeff, Izzy and Zoe to be their assistant, but is comically ineffective at his job. On any given day, he’d much rather focus on tidying up the lab or building the perfect sandwich instead of learning about the properties of matter. BERT is made out of recycled materials and the team is always updating BERT's hardware. The name BERT is an acronym that stands for Big Electronic Robot Thing.

Meet The Team

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    Dr. Jeff Vinokur

    Founder & CEO

    PhD Biochemistry, UCLA
    TV Talk Show Regular
    Award-Winning Scientist

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    Eric S. Rollman

    President & CCO

    2016 Emmy Award Winner
    CEO, Rollman Entertainment
    Former Pres, Marvel Television

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    Mark Stollar

    Head of Sales & Marketing

    Adjunct Marketing Professor
    CEO of Geeks Rule (Non-Profit)
    Over 25 Years In Education



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