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Magnetism Definition

Magnetism is a force making certain metals attract or repel without touching. This is due to magnets' invisible magnetic fields.

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Magnets & Static Electricity

Fun Facts

  • Magnets can push or pull other magnets, depending on the poles.
  • Electricity flowing through a wire produces a magnetic field (electromagnets).
  • Size and strength of magnets are not necessarily related.

Why Do We Need To Know About Magnetism

Magnetism is a hidden force that is very important in our everyday lives. It helps with simple things like keeping notes on a fridge. Magnetism is more than just making things stick together; it helps make things work better and easier for us.

We see magnetism at work in big machines like MRI scanners at hospitals. Knowing about magnetism can help you find jobs in different areas like helping the environment, healthcare, creating new technology, and even in making movies and games. Learning about magnetism is about opening up new chances for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

If magnetic fields are invisible, how do we know they are there?
We know they are there because magnets push and pull magnetic materials. We can also visualize magnetic fields using certain materials such as iron filings or ferrofluid seen in the video.
Is an aluminum can magnetic or non-magnetic? Why or why not?
An aluminum can is not attracted to a magnet. We see this during the “magno-board” investigation. Only certain kinds of metal like iron, nickel and cobalt are attracted to a magnet.
Why do the neodymium magnets come together and pulverize the fruit?
The neodymium magnets are set up with opposite poles facing each other so that they are attracted to each other. These types of magnets are VERY strong and when they are pulled together with a lot of force, fruit can be smashed!
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