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Exoskeleton Definition

An exoskeleton is a hard shell protecting certain animals, like crabs. For example, it shields crabs from predators.

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External Animal Parts

Fun Facts

  • Different animal coverings include skin, feathers, fur, scales, or exoskeletons.
  • A crab's exoskeleton protects it from being eaten.
  • Crabs shed their entire exoskeleton when they grow.

Why Do We Need To Know About Exoskeleton

Studying exoskeletons helps us learn about how living things protect and support themselves. This is important for people who work in areas like engineering and healthcare. For example, the tough outer shell of a crab is like natural armor. It has inspired people to create protective clothing and gear. This shows us how nature’s designs can help us make better technology.

Also, looking at exoskeletons and similar things like bird feathers and snake scales can teach us a lot about moving smoothly and efficiently. This is useful for designing airplanes and robots. These natural examples help us come up with new ideas in technology. It’s helpful to understand exoskeletons for real-life projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an animal use its tail to help it survive?
Tails help animals swim, balance and can even protect them from predators, like the lizard, who can make its tail fall off while it runs away.
What are some things that claws are used for?
Claws can be used for digging to get food or to build a home. Animals can also use them for self-defense.
What do animals use their legs for?
Animals use their legs to move, climb, dig, run and even jump like a frog.
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