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Gravity Definition

Gravity is an invisible force pulling everything down to Earth. For example, a dropped object will be pulled towards the ground.

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Gravity Pulls Things Down

Fun Facts

  • Gravity pulls a watermelon down to the ground from a roof.
  • Feathers and ping pong balls fall down to the ground due to gravity.
  • Gravity slows down and pulls an egg back to the ground when thrown up.

Why Do We Need To Know About Gravity

Learning about gravity helps us see how important it is in our everyday life and in many jobs. It affects everything from sports to space travel. It influences how we design things, play sports, and live our lives. Gravity is more than just a force; it’s what keeps everything stable and moving correctly on Earth.

Think about how gravity affects the building of skyscrapers, how we walk, and even how we grow. In jobs like engineering and healthcare, understanding how gravity works helps professionals create new solutions and fix problems. From making buildings safer to knowing how our bodies work, gravity is a key part of these jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gravity?
Gravity is an invisible force that pulls everything down.
What would happen without gravity?
People (and everything else on Earth) could just float away into space.
Who can name examples of objects that fall down if you drop them off a roof?
Heavy things like watermelons, bricks, jugs of juice, as well as light things like ping pong balls fall down to the ground when dropped off a roof.
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