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Pattern Definition

A pattern is something that repeats, happening the same way more than once. For example, the sun rises and sets daily, showing a pattern.

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Patterns in the Sky

Fun Facts

  • The sun, moon, and the stars appear to move across the sky in a pattern.
  • Patterns can be made of numbers, shapes, or even events that happen in nature.
  • By knowing patterns we can predict what will happen next.

Why Do We Need To Know About Pattern

Learning about patterns helps us predict the future, which is really important in many jobs. By looking at how things happen over and over, like how the sun moves, people can make smart choices in weather forecasting and planning cities.

This helps in making sundials, improving solar panels, guiding spaceships, and even farming by making better calendars. Understanding patterns helps us get ready for what’s coming, which is useful in lots of different jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pattern do you notice about day and night?
It is daytime when the sun is up. When the sun sets, it is nighttime. This pattern repeats every day.
How does observing a pattern help us?
Observing a pattern helps us predict what may happen next.
What is different about the sun from day to night?
The sun is only visible during the day. The sun is still shining at night, even though we can’t see it from where we are.
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