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Fertilizer Definition

Fertilizer is added to soil for extra nutrients, aiding plant growth. For example, different fertilizer amounts help different plants thrive.

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Plant Growth Conditions

Fun Facts

  • Experiments can test how fertilizer affects plant growth.
  • Plants with fertilizer typically grow bigger than without.
  • Most of the fruits, vegetables and grains we eat are grown with fertilizer.

Why Do We Need To Know About Fertilizer

Learning about fertilizers helps you understand how to make plants grow better by improving the dirt they grow in. Fertilizers give plants important nutrients that the soil might not have, making plants healthier. This is useful for gardeners.

Knowing how to use fertilizers is important for jobs in eco-friendly farming. People in these jobs use fertilizers to help plants grow better, test different fertilizers to see which works best, and take care of the soil for the future. Using fertilizers wisely is important for growing food and taking care of the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does water affect plant growth?
Plants need just the right amount of water. Too much or too little will cause the plant not to grow as well. Some plants need more water than others.
How does sunlight affect plant growth?
Plants use sunlight to make the food they need to grow. If a plant does not have any sunlight, they will lose their color and eventually die. Some plants need more light than others.
What did you notice about the plant that was given way more water than the others?
The plant that was given too much water grew a small carrot. It got too much water.
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