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Definition Of Nutrients

Nutrients are essential substances necessary for survival. They provide living things with energy and building blocks to grow.

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How Do We Use Food

Fun Facts

  • Digesting food provides the energy and nutrients necessary for the body to survive,
  • Vitamins and minerals are examples of nutrients.
  • In order to get nutrients, food must be broken down, beginning with chewing.

Why Do We Need To Know About Definition Of Nutrients

Learning how nutrients affect our health and growth shows us why eating a balanced diet is important. This is key for people wanting to work in health or nutrition fields, and for anyone who wants to stay healthy.

Knowing how nutrients help with energy and physical activity is important for sports and training. Also, learning how plants make food and energy moves in nature shows why we need to farm and produce food in ways that don’t harm the environment. This is important for jobs in environmental science and farming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your body turn food into energy?
When a person eats food, their digestive system breaks it down into small pieces. Those small pieces are digested and absorbed by the body. Inside the body, food helps us get energy and also to grow and repair.
How is energy transferred from a plant to a person?
Energy is first transferred from the sun to the plant by photosynthesis. Then, the plant is eaten by a person. When this happens, energy is transferred from the plant to a person.
Why is sunlight energy important?
Almost all energy on earth can be traced back to the sun! Photosynthesis in plants converts light energy to chemical energy. Animals and people eat the plants and then the chemical energy in the plant can be used by animals (including humans).
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