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Star Definition

A star is an exploding ball of burning gas held together by gravity. For example, our sun is a star of average size and brightness.

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Sun and Other Stars

Fun Facts

  • Stars produce light and heat energy.
  • Stars that are farther away appear smaller and dimmer.
  • Our sun is much, much closer to Earth than any other stars.

Why Do We Need To Know About Star

Learning about stars helps us know how to find our way when traveling long distances by sea, which is important for jobs related to exploring and sailing. People have used stars to navigate for a very long time, showing us how useful they are for finding our way.

Also, knowing about stars is important for things like phone calls and internet, studying space, and looking after our planet. For example, storms on the sun can mess up our gadgets, showing why stars matter for keeping our tech working well. Plus, figuring out where we can live in space depends on our knowledge of stars, showing they’re key for future adventures in space and taking care of Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you never look directly at the sun?
Looking directly at the sun can damage your eyes. It is very bright!
What are stars made out of?
Stars are gigantic balls of exploding gas held together by gravity.
What do stars produce?
Stars produce light and heat.
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