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Sun Definition

The sun is a star that warms the Earth. For example, sunlight melts solids into liquids.

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Sunlight Warms the Earth

Fun Facts

  • Light from the sun shines down on the Earth's surface, causing it to heat up.
  • Chocolate will melt faster in the sun's light if it is not protected by a shelter.
  • A black shirt will feel warmer in the sun compared to a white shirt.

Why Do We Need To Know About Sun

Learning about the sun helps us know how it changes our environment. Knowing how to use sunlight for power is key for jobs in renewable energy. It also matters in making cities and buildings, where the goal is to use light and heat well to save energy and make places comfortable.

It’s also important for people who pick materials for buildings and outside areas to understand which materials are best for blocking the sun and saving energy. This is useful for jobs in building things, designing eco-friendly buildings, and creating outdoor spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you slow down the melting of a popsicle?
You can move to a shady area, so that the sunlight can’t heat up the popsicle.
Why is it possible to cook an egg on a solid surface in the desert?
Sunlight heats up the surface to make it hot enough to cook an egg.
How can you prove that different materials heat up differently with sunlight?
You can use a thermometer to measure the temperature of different materials over time.
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