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Opaque Definition

Opaque objects block light entirely, creating shadows. For example, wood does not allow light to pass through.

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Introduction to Light

Fun Facts

  • A basketball blocks light, making it an example of an opaque object.
  • Trees are considered opaque because they block light from passing through.
  • Books block light entirely, serving as examples of opaque objects.

Why Do We Need To Know About Opaque

Learning about opaque things helps us know how light and objects work together, which is important in many areas. For example, in designing buildings and rooms, knowing about light and how opaque things are helps make places feel better and look good with the right lighting.

This idea is also key in renewable energy. People use sunlight, which doesn’t pass through solid objects, to create solar power. Also, when making new products that need to block light in certain ways, understanding how opaque they should be is important. This shows how knowing about opaque objects is useful in many real-life situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some light sources inside the home?
Some examples of light sources inside a home are lamps, television screens, and candles.
What are some light sources outside the home?
Some examples of light sources outside the home are campfires, headlights, and lightning.
Give examples of light sources that are natural and others made by people?
Some examples of natural light sources are the sun, stars and lightning. Some examples of light sources made by people are flashlights, televisions, cell phone screens, candles and car headlights.
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