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Definition Of Extreme Weather

Extreme weather includes anything that falls outside normal patterns. For example, hurricanes and floods.

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Extreme Weather Solutions

Fun Facts

  • Based on data, we know that extreme weather in the form of hurricanes can be expected in the Atlantic Ocean from June 1 until November 30.
  • Seawalls can be built to protect coastal areas from high waves due to extreme weather.
  • Tornadoes are a type of extreme weather with winds that can reach up to 300 miles per hour.

Why Do We Need To Know About Definition Of Extreme Weather

Learning about extreme weather helps us understand why it’s important to be prepared. It shows us how the work of engineers, city planners, and health experts is needed for keeping us safe. Engineers create things like special walls and building parts to protect us from floods and tornadoes.

Looking at past extreme weather helps us guess what might happen in the future. This helps weather experts and people who manage disasters do their jobs better. This knowledge also helps in making energy-saving cooling methods and planning city green spaces, showing us different job options in green design, protecting the environment, and handling emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can extreme weather be predicted? Explain.
Sometimes. By looking at patterns of where and when different types of extreme weather occurred in the past, we can predict the most likely times and places it will occur again. For example, we know that hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean occurs each year between June and November because that’s when hurricanes have hit that area in the past. However, predicting exactly when a tornado will touch down is very difficult.
How can predicting extreme weather reduce its impact?
By knowing when, where and what kind of extreme weather might occur, people can be prepared and hopefully reduce the impact when an event does happen.
What different types of solutions for flooding did the team test out with the water wave machine and how was each designed to address the problem of flooding?
Dr. Jeff, Izzy and Zoe tested out a high sea wall to block more water from coming over, rocks to slow the speed of the water by spreading out the energy of the waves and a recurved wall which redirected the energy of the wave back out to sea.
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