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Gas Definition

Gas is a type of matter that fills its container. For example, air takes up space and has weight.

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Solids, Liquids and Gases

Fun Facts

  • Many gases can't be seen, like air that is all around us.
  • When you blow into a balloon, you fill it up with air which is a gas.
  • Some liquids such as soda have tiny gas bubbles in them.

Why Do We Need To Know About Gas

Learning about different forms of matter helps us understand gas.  Gases can take up so much space that they can cause their containers to break.  This is important for people who design packages to learn.

Knowing about gases is important for people who study the air around us.  It also helps people make drinks like sodas that have tiny gas bubbles in them. Medicines like Alka seltzer, bubble gum, and hot air balloons all rely on gases to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What state of matter is slime? How do you know?
Slime doesn’t keep its shape, so it’s a liquid.
What is different about a liquid and a solid?
A solid keeps its shape while a liquid takes the shape of its container.
Why isn’t a dream made of matter?
It doesn’t take up space or have weight.
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