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Computer Programming Definition

Computer programming is creating instructions for computers. For example, writing commands for apps.

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Digital vs. Analog Signals

Fun Facts

  • A career in computer programming allows you to work on computer games, apps, or websites.
  • Software programmers create codes that make it easy for people and computers to communicate.
  • Programming languages allow easier coding than direct binary code.

Why Do We Need To Know About Computer Programming

Learning computer programming helps you understand how websites, apps, and video games are made. It’s all about writing computer code, which is used in making everything from movies to music. Also, programming is behind how we talk over phones or computers, showing it’s a key part of today’s technology.

Since programmers keep making their code better by adding new things or fixing problems, there’s always a need for more people who can code. This means there are a lot of jobs in different areas for those who know how to program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between analog and digital signals?
Analog signals are composed of a continuous range of values, where each point can have a slightly different value. Digital signals are made up of a series of digits that are either 0 or 1.
Which type of signal would be best for NASA to use to send signals into space to be received by extraterrestrial life? Why?
Because digital signals can be corrected to remove noise, the signals can be received clearly even after travelling a very long distance.
How does binary code control the processes in a computer?
Ones tell the computer to turn on certain circuits, and zeroes tell the computer to turn off certain circuits. Through a string of millions of 1s and 0s, a computer program can carry out very complex tasks like running a video game.
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