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Season Definition

A season is a distinct time of year with unique weather and daylight. For example, summer has the most daylight and warmth.

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Four Seasons and Day Length

Fun Facts

  • Leaves turn colors and fall off trees in the fall season.
  • Trees grow flowers during the spring season.
  • Bears hibernate through the winter, the season with the least amount of daylight.

Why Do We Need To Know About Season

Learning about seasons helps you understand nature and why certain things happen at certain times of the year. This is useful for many jobs, like farming and making energy. For example, farmers use what they know about seasons to decide when to plant and harvest crops. People who work with solar energy use it to figure out when they can get the most sunlight.

Jobs in tourism, environmental science, animals, and forests all need a good understanding of seasons. This could mean knowing the best time for tourists to visit, keeping forests healthy, watching how animals act, or protecting nature. Knowing about seasons is important for many jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is one reason that summer days are warmer than winter days?
Summer days are warmer because there is more daylight. The sun is out for longer on summer days and the sunlight helps warm the Earth.
What are some signs that fall is coming?
Leaves on the trees start to turn colors in the fall. It also gets a little cooler since there is less daylight.
How do some animals prepare for winter?
Squirrels find food to store for the winter. Some animals like bears hibernate, which means they sleep through the winter.
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