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Environmental Factors Definition

Environmental factors are conditions in living places, altered by animals, plants, humans. For example, beaver dams causing flooding.

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Living Things Change Their Environment

Fun Facts

  • Prairie dogs dig tunnels, changing the land's shape.
  • Macaws poop seeds, helping plants grow in new places.
  • Roots can make sidewalk cracks bigger.

Why Do We Need To Know About Environmental Factors

Learning how people and the environment affect each other helps us understand why it’s important to keep nature in balance. This is used in jobs like city planning, studying the environment, and protecting nature. For example, knowing how we build homes, roads, and mines helps city planners and engineers try to do less harm to the earth.

Also, seeing how animals like beavers can change rivers teaches us about the work of water experts and wildlife protectors. They help look after animal homes and make sure we have clean water. Each job shows how important it is to know about the environment and use that knowledge in different careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a prairie dog change its environment?
Prairie dogs dig tunnels underground. When they do this they move around a lot of dirt.
How are prairie dog burrows good for the environment?
The burrows can help grasses to grow by aerating the soil. They also help create homes for other animals when they move on to new areas.
How does a beaver change its environment?
Beavers build dams in rivers or streams and change the flow of the water. This can flood areas of land, which is a very big change to the environment.
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