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Engineer Definition

An engineer is someone who designs, builds and tests things to solve problems. For example, mechanical engineers work on cars.

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What is Engineering?

Fun Facts

  • Engineers solve problems using science and math.
  • Engineers continually improve their designs through testing.
  • Aerospace engineers design airplanes or space craft and biomedical engineers work on medicines.

Why Do We Need To Know About Engineer

Studying engineering helps you understand how things are built and why coming up with new ideas is important. Engineers use math and science to fix problems. They work on many projects, like finding ways to make clean energy or creating devices that save lives in hospitals.

Engineers make a big difference in our everyday life. They come up with new technologies, like light bulbs that use less electricity and don’t get as hot. They work in many areas, including making rockets and airplanes in aerospace engineering, and discovering new medicines and health devices in biomedical engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things does an engineer do?
Engineers work on solving problems by creating things. Some examples include inventing a light bulb and then improving the design.
Why is it important for an engineer to test things they create?
By testing things, engineers can figure out how to improve their design.
Why is it important for engineers to have a good imagination?
They can use their imaginations to come up with lots of different solutions to problems.

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