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Landslide Definition

A landslide is when land, mud and rocks slide down a slope. For example, heavy rain can make land slide quickly without trees.

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Timescale of Earth’s Events

Fun Facts

  • Landslides commonly occur on steep mountain slopes after wildfires.
  • Land without plants is more likely to experience landslides.
  • Landslides change the Earth's surface quickly due to gravity.

Why Do We Need To Know About Landslide

Learning about landslides helps us know how natural disasters work. It’s important to lessen their damage  and protecting the environment. This is important for people who make plans for building in areas where landslides can happen. They make sure our places are safe and can last a long time.

Knowing about landslides helps scientists and people who want to protect nature. Planting more trees can help stop the soil from washing away. This knowledge is also useful for architects, builders, rock scientists, and farmers. They use it to study how the weather is changing, and farm in ways that don’t harm the earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an earthquake change the Earth’s surface?
An earthquake can cause cracks in the Earth’s surface. Roads can break into pieces and bridges can fall down.
How does a volcano change the Earth’s surface?
Lava can flow down the sides of a volcano and spread over the land. It can even flow into the ocean. Once the lava cools it hardens into rock.
How would you describe a landslide?
A landslide is when heavy rain soaks into the Earth and causes the land to fall down because of gravity. If there are no plants to hold the soil in place, it is more likely to happen.
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