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Germination Definition

Germination is when a seed breaks open and a plant emerges. This is one of the first steps in the life cycle of a plant.

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Plants Need Water And Light

Fun Facts

  • Sunflower seeds can grow into Sunflower plants with water and sunlight.
  • A pepper plant seed can grow into a pepper plant, producing peppers with more seeds.
  • A bean can be planted and grow into a plant that makes more beans.

Why Do We Need To Know About Germination

Learning about how seeds sprout can help us understand how important plants are for the environment. Farming is important because it produces all the fruits and vegetables we eat. Even bread and cereal involve farming.

To make cereal, farmers take wheat seeds and plant them. When they add water to the soil near the seed, it starts to grow. This process of the seed starting to grow is called germination. The seed gets wet, takes in the moisture so it becomes soft and a root starts growing down. Shortly after that, a stem starts growing up. This same process is used to grow corn, strawberries, and pumpkins. It starts with a seed and germination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do all plants need to grow?
All plants need water and sunlight to grow.
How can a plant grow without soil?
It can still grow as long as it receives water and sunlight. The roots of a plant help it stand up straight and help the plant take in water from the ground. As long as the plant gets water from the roots and sunlight, it can grow.
Why would it not be okay to keep a plant in a dark place?
If a plant was kept in a dark place, it would not get sunlight. Without sunlight, the plant could not grow.
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