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Biomimicry Definition

Biomimicry solves human problems with ideas from nature. For example, Velcro is modeled after cocklebur seeds.

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Inspired by Nature (Biomimicry)

Fun Facts

  • Geckos' feet inspired a robot that climbs walls.
  • Armadillo shells influenced a backpack design.
  • Sugar gliders inspired wingsuits for gliding.

Why Do We Need To Know About Biomimicry

Biomimicry means learning from nature to make new technology. For example, suits that let people glide like sugar gliders help in designing better planes. Robots that can climb walls like a gecko show how nature helps us make better materials.

By copying things like the armor of an armadillo or the way plant leaves repel water, biomimicry helps improve many areas, such as sports safety, making clothes, and even waterproof shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of structures on an animal or plant that protect them?
A structure on a plant that protect it are thorns. Some structures on animals that protect them are shells, horns or sharp teeth.
What special structure do the feet of a gecko have?
The feet of the gecko have lots of tiny hairs that allow the gecko to climb up walls.
Do people have any special body parts that help us survive?
Yes, we have opposable thumbs that help us grab things. Our eyes and ears can help us know if danger is nearby. Our legs can allow us to run very far.
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