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Symbiosis (Interactions Between Organisms) Activity for Kids

Symbiosis Flash Cards DIY

  • Duration: 20 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: $0-$5

Test your skills at matching different pairs of organisms to the correct type of interaction!

Material List

  • 1Set of interaction cards
  • 1Friend to play with


  • 1One person reads the front of the card that has two organisms on it and a clue about their relationship.
  • 2The other person tries to determine the relationship.
  • 3The answer is revealed on the back of the card.
  • 4Once you get through the cards, you can add your own.

How It Works

Symbiosis is the interaction between organisms in an ecosystem. These interactions can be helpful, harmful, or have no effect. There are many different types of symbiosis, such as competition, predation, parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism. One example on the cards are ants and acacia trees. Ants burrow into the acacia tree to eat sugars. The ants also give the tree protection from other animals. Since the tree gets protection and the ant gets food, both benefit, which makes the relationship an example of mutualism.

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