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Top 2nd Grade Lessons

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Matter comes in different forms: Solids, Liquids and Gases. A solid keeps its shape. A liquid takes the shape of its container. A gas fills its container.

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Oceans, Lakes and Rivers

Most of the water on Earth is found in the ocean. Fresh water is found in lakes, rivers, underground and in glaciers. Since there is so little fresh water on Earth, we should conserve it.

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Changing the Shape of Land

Water can change the shape of land. Wind can change the shape of land too. We can slow down or prevent these changes by using science.

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Plant Growth Conditions

Plants need the right amount of water and light to grow best. Soil quality can affect how well plants grow. To find the best conditions you need to experiment.

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Pollination and Seed Dispersal

Pollen needs to be moved from one flower to another. Animals help plants move pollen and seeds. Wind and water also help plants move their seeds.

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Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling can cause changes we can see. Sometimes these changes are reversible and can be changed back. Sometimes these changes are non-reversible and cannot be changed back.

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Material Properties and Purposes

Some materials have properties best suited for certain purposes. In this lesson we will learn about stretchiness, absorbency and strength. Comparing different materials involves doing experiments.

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Classification of Materials

A property is a quality or trait of something. To classify objects means to group them by their shared properties. We can classify objects based on properties like color, texture or hardness.

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Maps of Landforms

Maps show us where things are located on Earth. Physical maps can show us landforms. Political maps can show us the outlines of countries. Weather maps can show us weather in different areas.

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Timescale of Earth’s Events

The Earth's surface is constantly changing. Sometimes it changes fast like a volcano erupting. Sometimes it changes slowly like erosion.

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What Is Science? (K-2 Version)

Scientists help us understand the world around us. Scientists do experiments and make observations. They use evidence to support their ideas.

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What is Engineering?

Engineers use science and math to solve problems. Engineers also build and test things. Each time they re-design it, the solution can get better.

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