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Top Kindergarten Grade Lessons

Pushes and Pulls

A force is a push or pull that makes things move. A push moves things away from you. A pull moves things towards you. Forces can also make things speed up, slow down and change directions.

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Gravity Pulls Things Down

Gravity is a force that pulls everything down. Everything on Earth is affected by gravity. Without gravity, we could just float away into space.

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Introduction to Weather

Weather tells us what the sky and air around us are like on any given day. The weather can be sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, stormy or snowing. Scientists can predict the weather by understanding patterns.

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Plants Need Water And Light

Plants grow from seeds. Plants need water and light to grow. Plants grow best in soil, but some can grow without it.

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Natural Resources

Things people use from nature are called natural resources. Humans use natural resources for everything they do. Plants and animals also need natural resources like water and air.

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Reducing Our Impact on Earth

We will learn to reduce, reuse and recycle. People can have a negative impact on Earth's land, water and air. People can also make a positive impact through choices we make.

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Animals Need Food

All animals need to eat food. They also need to drink water. They need these things to live and grow.

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Animals Help Their Babies Survive

Living things have babes called offspring. Parents can help their offspring survive. Babies have behaviors to communicate their needs.

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Living Things Change Their Environment

Animals change their environment to meet their needs. Plants can change their environment too. People change their environment in good and bad ways.

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What Is Science? (K-2 Version)

Scientists help us understand the world around us. Scientists do experiments and make observations. They use evidence to support their ideas.

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What is Engineering?

Engineers use science and math to solve problems. Engineers also build and test things. Each time they re-design it, the solution can get better.

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