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Top 1st Grade Lessons

Introduction to Sound

We'll discover that when things vibrate they make sound. That sound can also make things vibrate. Vibrations are what let us hear each other speak.

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Introduction to Light

We can only see things when light is shined on them or when they emit their own light. Light can go through transparent objects. Light cannot go through opaque objects.

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The Five Senses

Animals and plants gather information about the world through their senses. The five senses are seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. Senses help living things survive in their environment.

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Parts of a Plant

External parts are on the outside of something. External plant parts include the leaves, stem, flowers, fruits and roots. These parts work together to help the plant survive.

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Living vs. Non-Living Things

Living things grow, take in nutrients and reproduce. Non-living things don't do those three things. There are many living and non-living things all around us.

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Four Seasons and Day Length

Seasons happen in a pattern that repeat every year. The four seasons are summer, fall, winter and spring. During the summer there are more daylight hours and during the winter there are less.

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Patterns in the Sky

The sun, moon and the stars all move across the sky in a pattern. The sun rises in one part of the sky and sets in another part. The moon and stars also rise in one part of the sky and set in another part.

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Inspired by Nature (Biomimicry)

Plants and animals have amazing ways to solve problems. Biomimicry is when people solve problems with ideas from nature. Lots of things around us are inspired by nature.

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What Is Science? (K-2 Version)

Scientists help us understand the world around us. Scientists do experiments and make observations. They use evidence to support their ideas.

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What is Engineering?

Engineers use science and math to solve problems. Engineers also build and test things. Each time they re-design it, the solution can get better.

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