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Top 3rd Grade Math Lessons

Classify Shapes in a Hierarchy (Quadrilaterals & Triangles)

How to classify quadrilaterals in a hierarchy based on their attributes. We’ll also learn how to classify triangles in a hierarchy. And we will see that this knowledge can help us pack for summer camp and even plan a party!

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Partition Shapes Into Equal Shares

How to split shapes into equal parts. That shapes can be split into halves, fourths and thirds! How this knowledge can help us share breakfast, snacks and art supplies with our friends!

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Tell Time (Nearest Minute)

We’ll learn how to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes AND to the nearest minute! We will learn that every number on a clock represents 5 minutes of time. And that this knowledge can get us to school on time, keep us from burning our toast, and help us know when to meet a friend.

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Measure Mass & Volume (Metric System)

We’ll learn how to use the metric system to measure mass and volume. How we can use math operations with these measurements. We’ll see that this knowledge can help us cook food, plant seeds, and even make a chemical reaction!

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Scaled Picture Graphs & Bar Graphs

We’ll learn how to SOLVE PROBLEMS with pictographs and bar graphs! That we can use SCALED graphs to display information with large numbers. And we'll discover that this knowledge can help us display our classmates favorite ice cream, show us how we're helping the community, and even reveal what bugs are all around us!

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Line Plots with Fractional Measurements

How to show fractions on line plots. How to use line plots to solve problems. We'll discover how this knowledge can show how large a group of animals are, how far your classmates can run and how many pets people have!

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Intro to Finding Area

That we can find the area of a rectangle by counting squares. We can also find the area of a rectangle by using a formula. that this knowledge can help us cover a wall with posters, make padding for somersaults, and even make a cape!

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Multiplication Properties (Commutative, Associative & Distributive)

What multiplication PROPERTIES are. How the commutative, associative, and distributive properties can make multiplication problems easier. How this knowledge can help us play basketball, bake treats with friends, and even have remote control car races!

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Introduction to Perimeter

We’ll learn that perimeter is the distance around a shape. That we can use perimeter to figure out unknown sides of an object. And that knowing the perimeter can help us build a fort, have a party, and even hang our favorite picture.

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Rounding (Nearest 10 and 100)

How to round to the nearest 10 and the nearest hundred. Rounding can make numbers more understandable to work with. We'll discover that this knowledge can let us count how many balloons are at a party, how many animals live on a farm & even how many toys are in a toy store!

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