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Top 5th Grade Math Lessons

Understanding the Basic Coordinate Plane

We’ll learn the basics of the coordinate plane. We'll also learn how to plot points on a coordinate plane using ordered pairs. And we'll see that that this knowledge can help us visit an amusement park, find buried treasure, and travel the world.

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Intro to 2D Shapes

We’ll learn how to identify shapes like triangles, squares and circles! We'll also learn that the shape of an object doesn't change even if we make it bigger or turn it. And we'll explore how this knowledge can help us send cards to our friends, earn badges, and even get honey from bees!

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Convert Units of Measurement

How to convert units of measurement. Converting inches to feet, pounds to ounces, centimeters to meters, and grams to kilograms. That this knowledge can help us to be awesome bakers, learn about exciting animals, and plan fun bike rides!

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Line Plots with Fractional Measurements

How to show fractions on line plots. How to use line plots to solve problems. We'll discover how this knowledge can show how large a group of animals are, how far your classmates can run and how many pets people have!

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Calculate Volume (l x w x h)

VOLUME is the amount of space inside a 3D object. That the formula for finding the volume of a rectangular prism is length x width x height! And we'll see that this knowledge can help us take care of pets, ship things in the mail and even rescue animals.

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Numbers in Expanded & Word Form (1,000 & Beyond)

We’ll learn how to write large numbers in expanded form. We will also learn how to write large numbers in word form. And we'll see how this knowledge can help us organize a fun run, write huge checks, and learn about space!

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Powers of 10

We’ll learn about powers of 10. We will also learn how to multiply and divide large numbers using powers of 10. And we will see that this knowledge can help us wash a dog, run for president and even count 1 MILLION dollars!

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Decimals to the Thousandths

How to compare decimals to the thousandths. How to round decimals using our knowledge of place value. And we’ll see how this knowledge can help us weigh diamonds, test our reaction time, and even have a garage sale.

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Solve Problems with Decimals (Using Models)

We’ll add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals using models. We will also learn how to use estimation to decide if our answer is reasonable. And that this knowledge can help us feed our pets, go hiking and even grow crystals!

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Multiplication Using The Standard Algorithm

How to multiply using the standard algorithm. When you multiply numbers with 2 or more digits, you get partial products, that are added together to find the answer. This knowledge can help us quickly count large numbers of things like jelly balls, fan mail and even coins in a video game!

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