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Top 4th Grade Math Lessons

Lines, Line Segments, & Rays

We’ll learn about lines, line segments, and rays. We'll also learn the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines. And we’ll discover that this knowledge can help us build a bird house, travel on a train, and understand a blueprint!

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Classify Shapes in a Hierarchy (Quadrilaterals & Triangles)

How to classify quadrilaterals in a hierarchy based on their attributes. We’ll also learn how to classify triangles in a hierarchy. And we will see that this knowledge can help us pack for summer camp and even plan a party!

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Lines of Symmetry

We'll learn that a line of symmetry cuts a shape into 2 matching halves. We'll also learn how to identify lines of symmetry. And we'll see that we can find symmetry in animals, plants, and items we use everyday!

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Convert Units of Measurement

How to convert units of measurement. Converting inches to feet, pounds to ounces, centimeters to meters, and grams to kilograms. That this knowledge can help us to be awesome bakers, learn about exciting animals, and plan fun bike rides!

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Intro to Finding Area

That we can find the area of a rectangle by counting squares. We can also find the area of a rectangle by using a formula. that this knowledge can help us cover a wall with posters, make padding for somersaults, and even make a cape!

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Line Plots with Fractional Measurements

How to show fractions on line plots. How to use line plots to solve problems. We'll discover how this knowledge can show how large a group of animals are, how far your classmates can run and how many pets people have!

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Intro to Angles

We'll learn what angles are! How to identify and measure different types of angles. And we’ll discover that this knowledge can help us skateboard, dance, and even enjoy birthday cake!

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Numbers in Expanded & Word Form (1,000 & Beyond)

We’ll learn how to write large numbers in expanded form. We will also learn how to write large numbers in word form. And we'll see how this knowledge can help us organize a fun run, write huge checks, and learn about space!

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Rounding (Nearest 1,000 & Beyond)

How to round numbers as small as 1 thousand and as large as 1 million. That rounding large numbers can make them more efficient to work with and understand. That this knowledge can help us estimate how many fans are in a stadium, how many views a video has, and even how far away other planets are!

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Add & Subtract Using the Standard Algorithm

We'll learn how to add using the Standard Algorithm! We will also learn how to subtract using the standard algorithm. AND, we’ll see that this knowledge can help us decorate for parties, plan road trips and even go skiing!

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