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Maps of Landforms Activity for Kids

Make a Landscape DIY

  • Duration: 20-30 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: $0 to $10

Make a map out of food and eat it when you are done!

Material List

  • 1Paper plate
  • 2Mixing bowls
  • 1Pack of graham crackers
  • 1Pack of cookies
  • 1Container of frosting
  • 1Blue and green food coloring
  • 1Plastic fork or knife
  • 1Pack of chocolate chips
  • 1Sheet of paper
  • 1Pack of colored pencils


  • 1Mix regular frosting and food coloring to make blue and green frosting.
  • 2Spread green frosting on top of the graham crackers.
  • 3Lay the graham crackers on one side to represent land.
  • 4Make an ocean on the other side of the plate with blue frosting.
  • 5Add mountains to the land by using chocolate chips.
  • 6Now draw your map with colored pencils.
  • 7Start by making a map key, then draw the shapes and color them in.
  • 8Compare your drawn map to the one you made out of food.

How It Works

Physical maps use shapes, colors and symbols to show us landforms. Scientists use maps to share what they know about the natural features of Earth’s surface; such as mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and islands. All maps should have a key, also called a legend, to help us understand the map.

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