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What Is Science? (3-5 Version) Activity for Kids

Egg Drop Challenge DIY

  • Duration: 30-60 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: $0 to $5

Design, build, and test an egg protection device. Conduct an experiment testing your designs!

Material List

  • 5Uncooked eggs
  • 1Handful of straws
  • 1Roll of tape
  • 1Pair of scissors
  • 1Large painter’s tarp
  • 1Bin of balloons, styrofoam, and other protection materials (optional)


  • 1Make a triangle out of a straw and tape it together.
  • 2Repeat this two more times.
  • 3Tape all 3 triangles together around the egg to make a pyramid shape.
  • 4Decide how else to cushion the egg - for example: using more straws
  • 5Spread the painter’s tarp on the floor.
  • 6Hold your egg high above your head and drop it on the painter’s tarp.
  • 7Did it work? If not try a different design.
  • 8Be creative, test your own designs and materials (styrofoam, balloons, etc)

How It Works

Science and engineering are all about testing, revising, and trying again. The design gets better and better each time. Engineers and scientists do this process for many things, like designing cars to protect people in a crash.

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