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Pollination and Seed Dispersal Activity for Kids

Make a Seed Model DIY

  • Duration: 15-30 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: $0 to $5

Create a model of a maple seed to learn how it is dispersed by the wind!

Material List

  • 1Paper
  • 1Scissors
  • 1Pencil
  • 1Paper clip


  • 1Fold the paper in half both ways
  • 2With the help of an adult cut out one rectangle.
  • 3Next sketch a thick letter T onto the paper and cut out the T.
  • 4Snip the middle of T at the top.
  • 5Fold the right side in one direction and the left side in the other direction.
  • 6Raise those flaps up gently so it looks like a helicopter.
  • 7Fold the bottom part of the T up about 1 centimeter and attach the paper clip.
  • 8Carefully drop it from a high place and watch it twirl.

How It Works

The weight of the paper clip pulls the maple seed model down toward the ground due to gravity. Due to its shape, the moving air pushes up on the blades and causes it to spin around. This is similar to the shape of helicopter blades. Maple seeds glide down slowly and can be carried by wind to land far from the tree it grew on.

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