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Inspired by Nature (Biomimicry) Activity for Kids

Waterproof Shoe DIY

  • Duration: 15-20 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: $0 to $5

Make a shoe waterproof using an idea from nature!

Material List

  • 1Old pair of canvas shoes (adults permission required)
  • 1Candle
  • 1Hairdryer
  • 1Pitcher of water
  • 1Large plastic tub


  • 1Rub the candle back and forth all over the surface of one shoe.
  • 2Have an adult help you use a hairdryer to melt the candle wax into the shoe.
  • 3For best results repeat this process one or two more times.
  • 4Hold the treated shoe over a shallow container and pour water gently on it.
  • 5Next take the untreated shoe and pour water on it to see the difference.

How It Works

The treated shoe has a special coating of wax that protects the shoe from getting wet. This is similar to the nasturtium plant in the video or the feathers on a duck. When you poured water on the treated shoe, the water just slid off. The untreated shoe got wet when you poured water on it. Being inspired by nature to solve a problem is called biomimicry.

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