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External Animal Parts Activity for Kids

Opposable Thumb Challenge

  • Duration: 15 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: $0 to $5

Challenge yourself to complete simple tasks without thumbs!

Material List

  • 1Pair of scissors
  • 1Roll of tape
  • 1Bag of chips
  • 1Water bottle
  • 1Piece of paper
  • 6Plastic cups
  • 1Shoe with a lace


  • 1Carefully tape both thumbs to your index finger. Important: should not be tight.
  • 2Try to open a bag of chips.
  • 3Try to open a water bottle.
  • 4Try to stack 6 cups into a pyramid.
  • 5Try to cut a piece of paper with scissors.
  • 6Try to tie a shoelace as fast as you can.

How It Works

Humans and primates (monkeys, apes and gorillas) have what are called “opposable thumbs” which makes doing certain tasks much easier. Our thumbs are attached to a different part of our hand than our other fingers, and the thumb can move separately. This challenge probably helped you appreciate how useful our opposable thumbs are. They are an external part that helps humans survive.

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