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Energy Transfer Activity for Kids

Solar Cooker DIY

  • Duration: 30-60 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: $0 to $5

Build a S'more maker that converts light energy to heat energy!

Material List

  • 1 Large box
  • 1Roll of foil
  • 1Knife to cut the box (adults only!)
  • 1Roll of plastic wrap
  • 1Sheet of black construction paper
  • 1Pair of scissors
  • 1Roll of tape
  • 2Graham crackers
  • 1Chocolate bar
  • 1Marshmallow


  • 1Tape the box closed.
  • 2Ask an adult to cut a large door into the biggest side of the box.
  • 3Line the door and bottom with foil (use tape to secure it).
  • 4Place a small piece of black construction paper inside the box.
  • 5Place the S’more on the construction paper.
  • 6Cover the opening with plastic wrap (for best results, seal completely to retain heat).
  • 7Place the box in the sun around noon (time required varied based on weather, typcially 30 min.)
  • 8When the chocolate has melted (or is at least warm)... eat the S’more!

How It Works

Light from the sun enters the foil-lined box. The light energy from the sun is converted to heat energy, which melts the chocolate. The foil helps reflect light so more light energy is transferred to the S'more. The plastic wrap helps trap the heat inside.

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