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Solve 2-Step Problems (All 4 Operations)

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Solve 2-Step Problems (All 4 Operations)

What you will learn from this videoWhat you will learn

  • How to break down 2-step problems to make them easier to solve.
  • If a 2-step problem is asking us to add, subtract, multiply, or divide.
  • How this knowledge can help us keep track of our pets, assist people in our community, and give gifts to our friends!

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Exit Ticket

Level 1

Highlight or underline the words that give clues about the operations in the problem: “Joe has 64 balloons. After he gives away 10 of them to his cousin, he shares the rest evenly among his 6 friends. How many balloons does each friend receive?”

Level 2

Restate the problem and write an equation to represent it: “In Connor’s classroom, there are 143 building blocks. After 53 of the building blocks go missing, the teacher buys another 225 building blocks for the class. How many building blocks does the classroom have now?

Level 3

One year, Amanda paints 3 pictures to give to each of her 4 grandparents, and she paints 2 pictures to give each of her 6 cousins on their birthdays. How many pictures did she paint in total?