Katie McGrathKatie McGrath4th Grade Teacher
Ocala, Florida

"Generation Genius is.... genius! My students LOVE it! I use it to introduce the concept of the week in Science. I also replay it as review before we take a test. Students are engaged and excited about the videos. I love the lesson plans! A long time Bill Nye fan, you have found a way to update for the new generations! Loved it so much paid for it with my own money! It is so worth it!"

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Rhonda FoxRhonda Fox5th Grade Teacher
St. Helens, Oregon

"My students loved the videos. I started the video subscription in May and used them as a review before the state test, which I know contributed to 100% of my class passing the state test."

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Craig O’DellCraig O’Dell4th Grade Teacher
Gilbert, AZ

"I am a 4th grade teacher and I use Generation Genius in my science lessons. My students absolutely love their video lessons, and I love the vocabulary & comprehension questions. The videos are made in a fun and interesting way that keeps my students engaged. They actually beg to watch the videos! We have replicated several of the experiments. I highly recommend Generation Genius. It's truly the best program I've found, and I've looked everywhere."

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Julie ErwinJulie Erwin5th Grade Teacher
Hover, Alabama

"My students and I have LOVED Generation Genius! With Generation Genius, I can “take” my students places they may never travel and experience things they may never see first hand."

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Brandalyn HolzbergerBrandalyn HolzbergerHomeschool Parent
Thousand Oaks, California

"Just subscribed, and I have to say the videos are magical in the way they help kids to really understand concepts in a very practical way. I actually had to change the password because my kids were sneaking out of bed to watch these videos. Keep the videos coming. I would LOVE more topics."

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Covey DentonCovey DentonPK-6 Teacher
Wilson, North Carolina

"I am a teacher for grades preschool through 6th grade at a small school in rural Eastern NC. I saw Generation Genius in Atlanta at the NSTA conference and was excited about the tie into the NGSS standards and an engaging alternative to random YouTube videos and my old VHS Bill Nye tapes. Many children are visual learners, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the videos from Generation Genius. The kids think they are funny, the concepts are presented clearly both verbally and visually and the episodes follow a logical progression.

The teacher guides and hands-on activities are engaging and well thought out. I particularly enjoy the hands on activities, because they are open ended, affordable, and really support the NGSS Design principles. These are a very engaging introduction a lesson topic in my classes. They also make a wonderful emergency sub lesson plan. The length of the video allows time to watch the video, discuss the questions and begin the DIY challenge activity. The children stay engaged and don't zone out like they might with a longer video. I look forward to the middle school and lower elementary extensions that are coming. I also appreciate that the videos are closed captioned as I am hard of hearing and I appreciate being able to understand all of what is being shared onscreen when I preview the lessons for my class. These are very well done and an excellent teaching resource."

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John OtterstedtJohn Otterstedt3rd Grade Teacher
Ridgewood, New Jersey

"It was like you consulted with our district before making the videos. There is a video for every single science topic that we study. We watched another yesterday after the state testing was over. I told the kids that they could chill out and do what they want for a half hour, and they chose to watch a video."

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Lisa DunnLisa DunnScience Teacher
Fort Wayne, Indiana

"After coming across the Generation Genius link on my Facebook page, I spent the next hour devouring the videos and lessons. I knew my students would be highly-engaged and I was appreciative of the resources available to guide my teaching and their learning. GG offers full lesson plans, including discussion questions, vocabulary, labs, and connections to life.

I've used two videos in my 6th grade classes this year, and both times students were beyond excited, focused, and LEARNING! We all love GG--Dr. Jeff, Izzy, Zoe, and Bert! I've read that GG will be adding more videos directed toward different grade levels, so I'm guessing my membership will be renewed every year. 🙂 #betterthanbillnyeeventhoughwelovehimtoo!"

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Julie Daniel ScottJulie Daniel ScottScience Lab Instructor
Macon, Georgia

"Generation Genius is an excellent resource for teaching science. I teach in the Elementary Lab, and am able to work in so many of the topics to what I am teaching - they go right along with the standards! Students are engaged in the videos, the cast members are relevant to today's generation, and the content is presented in a concise and entertaining way that captivates them. The prompt customer service is fantastic as well. I highly recommend Generation Genius!"

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Heather WalkerHeather Walker4th Grade Teacher
San Jose, CA

"I started using this in my 4th grade classroom and the students absolutely love the DIY projects and the videos. I love the fact that they have the new NGSS science standards integrated into all the lessons. Generation Genius has all the lesson plans, instructions, and wonderful, thought provoking questions that really make the kids think. There is a set of vocabulary words so that you can front load your teaching before they even get started. I would recommend Generation Genius to any and all teachers! Thank you for providing such an enriching curriculum that my students love. "

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Jenny SasserJenny SasserHomeschooling Parent
Boise, Idaho

"My kids love it! We homeschool and have 5 kids between ages 3-11. We’ve had the year subscription for about a month and my kids really look forward to watching the videos. The “episodes” are like m&m’s, they can’t watch just one. The lessons and materials are laid out really well. It makes it easy to use them in alignment with the public online charter school we use. As a parent it makes my life very simple when it comes to science. Thanks for an engaging experience that I enjoy too. Great job!"

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Dave GallowayDave Galloway5th Grade Teacher
Tallahassee, Florida

"I was looking for a resource to help me teach Science on "The Wheel" (special area) for 3rd, 4th & 5th graders. Generation Genius more than fit the bill. The videos are awesome, fun and instructional. Each video has a lesson plan, activity and a Kahoots review. best $95.00 I've ever spent as a teacher..."

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Mary Beth HansenMary Beth Hansen5th Grade Teacher
Winter Park, Florida

"My students love the modern version of B.N. the S.G. They are actively engaged in lessons and want to conduct the experiments they see in the shows as well. You are creating future scientists and problem solvers. Thank you."

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Renee SpradlinRenee Spradlin5th Grade Teacher
Grove City, Ohio

"We signed up for this wonderful program last school year and my students loved it. They love Dr. Jeff and all of the other cast members. I teach fifth grade and they can relate to the cast very well. Dr. Jeff and cast make hard concepts easy to understand. I have used the videos in the engage phase as well as the expand and explain phase of my lessons. The content is excellent and goes right along with Ohio's science standards. I would highly recommend giving this program a try."

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Megan BrownMegan Brown3rd Grade Teacher
Caledonia, Michigan

"I bought this to use with my 3rd graders and we are loving Generation Genius! It enhances my science curriculum and my students are enjoying the 'Science Question of the Week." And as an added bonus...the videos also create prior knowledge for topics students will encounter in other grades."

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Gina DahlstrandGina Dahlstrand5th Grade Teacher
Lawrence, Kansas

"As a 5th grade science teacher, we are loving Generation Genius. Watched our first video this week and students were definitely engaged. The teacher resources that accompany the videos are very detailed and a huge help. I am excited to incorporate these videos into our curriculum this year."

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Crystal JordanCrystal JordanParent
Salt Lake City, Utah

"My kids absolutely love these videos! The 10 minute episodes are absolutely packed with useful information. When I quiz my kids at the end of the shows they can recall the answers to my questions because they were so engaged. I am so glad we found this gem."

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Mike Terranova‎Mike Terranova‎5th Grade Teacher
San Diego, California

"‎I teach 5th Grade at Pacific View Leadership Elementary in the San Diego Unified School District of this beautiful city. I stumbled upon Dr. Jeff and his Generation Genius educational website last school year when I was in search of additional support for our rigorous 5th grade Science curriculum that is aligned with the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

All my students LOVE this program, and I have been implementing this truly effective and AWESOME instructional aid as a supplemental resource to my science instruction. The kids LOVE the videos, and they are closely aligned with the new standards and expectations, as they include engaging and interactive video lessons, prior to/during/after lesson prompts/questions and vocabulary, as well as culminating assessment options including questions and exit-slip assignments for the students. I am happy this is available to help support my science instruction, and the kids really do love it! I have already begun implementing Dr. Jeff and his fabulous team's resources into my science instruction!"

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Heather ReneeHeather ReneeHomeschool Parent
Honolulu, Hawaii

"We're on our 3rd week and the kids love it! My daughter literally said I love school this year so much better than last year.  Last year we used big-name science textbooks and she doesn't remember anything except how miserable she was doing science. She's back in love with science."

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Dr. Scott TownsendDr. Scott TownsendProfessor of Curriculum
Eastern Kentucky University

"I spent some time today going through the videos and looking at the resources. I can honestly say, especially after working with preservice elementary teachers in my science methods (and engineering for elementary teachers) classes, it is such a wonderful thing to have things that truly relate to the topics of the NGSS in an effective way.

It’s hard to explain, but sometimes when I help steer students in directions so they can both find resources –and- learn about the content and relevant pedagogical practices of the NGSS, there are so many things out there that truly lead them more astray than anything…possibly causing misconceptions in the content or ways they could effectively teach it. I went in with a fairly critical eye, but was very pleasantly surprised. I really like your resources."

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Joanna Hartman BrownJoanna Hartman Brown5th Grade Teacher
Indianapolis, Indiana

"My 5th graders love the videos! and I love that when I've emailed, it's Dr. Jeff that I actually speak with. He was helpful and amazing! love this stuff!"

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Judy CartonJudy Carton4th Grade Teacher
Buckeye, Arizona

"I signed up this month. My students love the realistic characters and topics. The lessons are thorough, engaging, and fun! I teach 4th grade and often have a hard time finding videos that match my curriculum. I have been able to find a video for each standard up to this point and I am sure I will be able to use more as we go. My only request, is for more videos. They are just the right length and the kids love them. Thank you Dr. Jeff and crew!!"

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Beth StaufferBeth StaufferHomeschool Parent
San Diego, CA

"My son loves Generation Genius! We use it for our homeschool science lessons and he’s really learning and retaining a lot from the lessons. The videos are a lot of fun and very well made. I love the discussion questions that are included because they guide me in talking about the lesson in a way that helps him retain the information. He often brings up the things he has learned in everyday conversations. I highly recommend GG, it’s awesome!"

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Denise JarmilloDenise Jarmillo4th Grade Teacher
San Antonio, TX

"My students LOVE Generation Genius!! They love all the action packed Science in each video. As a teacher, I love the extra Science experiments that I can’t always bring into the classroom such as the demonstrations for solids, liquids, and gases. I would like to see a Graphic organizer for note taking during the videos added to all the wonderful resources already available. I would definitely recommend a free trial to explore what Generation Genius has to offer. I must also say that their customer service is excellent, I have always received speedy responses and solutions for my questions and concerns."

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Nancy OdomNancy Odom3rd Grade Teacher
Oxford, North Carolina

"‎This by far, was one of the best resources I have come across. My students, third grade, absolutely loved the videos and lessons. Everyday they would ask if we were going to generation genius! I highly recommend trying them out you will be hooked!"

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Beatrice WilliamsBeatrice WilliamsParent
Honolulu, Hawaii

"We signed up for the 1-year subscription after learning about this program. I stumbled upon this science program a few months ago and thought it would be a really neat addition to our homeschooling curriculum. My children 10, 8, 5 love the videos and have learned so much from them. Would definitely recommend this subscription!"

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Julieta GonzalezJulieta GonzalezParent
Fort Worth, Texas

"Children love it, great experiments, videos, learning sources. Thank you so much!"

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Cassey HollowayCassey HollowayParent
Hinesville, Georgia

"My son absolutely loves these videos. He has wanted to be a scientist since he was 5, he is 9 now. We absolutely love Dr. Jeff and will be huge fans for life!"

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Robyn Willeford KravRobyn Willeford KravParent
Washington DC

"Initially I had some tech challenges logging in but the customer service was STELLAR! I’m super appreciative of the quick and helpful responses as we figured out the bizarre glitch I was experiencing.

Fast forward to this school year: we are using this as a weekly family activity. Every Wednesday night we are doing a lesson together as a family. I have a 1st grader and 6th grader. The material is entertaining enough, both of my kids are very engaged despite not being in the advertised age range. And the biggest fan may be my husband who absolutely loves science and is having a blast sharing that with our kids!"

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Marybeth KristenMarybeth KristenParent
Long Beach, New York

"My 4th grader loves this program because it’s silly and informative. He wants to watch it all of the time..which is amazing! Highly recommend Generation Genius."

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Jayne Seaman AllbeeJayne Seaman Allbee4th Grade Teacher
Mansfield, Texas

"What a great resource to tap into next year."

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Melody FinleyMelody FinleyParent
Yukon, Oklahoma

"I bought this for my 8yr old son who loves STEM and STEAM. He and his younger brother who is 6 love to watch these videos and learn sooooo much!!! Thank you guys for providing this service!!"

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Sabrina Lucio DyeSabrina Lucio DyeHomeschool Parent
Rockledge, Florida

"We are just a few short weeks into using the program but my kiddos love it! I homeschool a 7, 8, and 9 year old, and my 3 year old even joins in sometimes. There is a vast array of teaching information so you can go as simple or as deep as you prefer. My favorite is the before and after video questions. This way the kids can "see" the new information they have learned! The content is presented in such a fun way that I would recommend this curriculum to a wide array of age levels. Generation Genius gets a 10 from me."

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Kate TranKate TranHomeschool Parent
Braham, Minnesota

"As a homeschooling parent, what I love most about Generation Genius is that it is multi-disciplinary. They watch the video, engage in discussion, make their flashcards of vocabulary words and quiz each other, and do the DIY projects. Participating in all of these different types of activities that employ different senses and styles of learning really helps them retain the information.

I love that the discussion questions have the answers. This makes it easy for me to engage with the kids even if I haven't watched the video with them.

The video engages all of my children from 2 to 10!

I have 2 requests:

1. That the vocab words be made into a pdf both in list format and flash card format so they could be printed double sided and cut up for easy flashcards.

2. There be a purchase option instead of just a subscription. This would allow offline watching and be more economical in the long run for homeschooling families who plan to use it for multiple children over the course of many years."

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Elizabeth CorralesElizabeth CorralesHomeschool Parent
Lynchburg, Virginia

"We signed up this year and all of my kids LOVE the videos! My kids are 10, 7, 5 and even my 2yr old likes to watch the videos. They are so fun they don't notice they are learning! There are tons of resources so you can make the lesson more in-depth if you like. There are PDFs that walk you through home experiments, a full lesson with a separate teacher guide, discussion questions before and after the video, vocabulary and a quiz. We homeschool so I love that there is such a range. My little ones are happy to just watch the videos and my older ones can dive deeper. Thanks Generation Genius!"

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Julie PurdyJulie Purdy5th Grade Teacher
Huntington, IN

"I was so excited to hear about GENERATION GENIUS! It is a fresh, educational and highly-engaging program! My 5th graders love watching it every week and I like the comprehensive worksheets that go with each episode so I can get a check on the children’s knowledge. Thank you for developing the program!"

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